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Medipages was established in 2012, aiming to offer a perfect online directory of services for elderly people. The website www.medipages.org/uk includes more than 6000 organizations dealing with retirement services (residential homes, nursing homes, sheltered housing …) and provides a wide range of services in France, Belgium, Spain and England. 


Every organization and service listed on our database is linked to an updated description sheet. Our goal is to provide elderly people with accurate and useful information, but more importantly, to allow a direct relationship between them and our experienced professionals.


Medipages team is composed by experts in the field. For each matter, one of our experts is in charge of updating the description sheets through daily follow-ups and efficient and innovative tools. Leading each specialised field (accomodation, health, financial aid…) a specialist is responsible for the follow-up and contact with families.


Gerontology, diseases, loss of  independence, dependency… each Medipages expert answers the questions of elderly people and their relatives, and offers them the most suitable accomodation according to their requirements.